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Referring Providers:

Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners,

Thank you for entrusting your patients to South Texas Skin Cancer Center for their medical care.  Our goal is to provide the very highest level of quality care and expertise in a compassionate setting.

We prefer to meet with the patient in consultation prior to the surgery. We realize that this can be difficult and inconvenient due to the long distances that some patients must travel to San Antonio. If you anticipate referral to South Texas Skin Cancer Center once you have seen the patient in your office, same day consultations can be arranged here with us. If the patient is unable to come, a digital photo of the site can be emailed and can help us plan for your patient's procedure.

If there is a suspicious lesion that you would like to biopsy but the location is out of your comfort zone, we can arrange to see the patient the same day and perform a skin biopsy.

If there is a patient that you would like to refer, please send the following:
-Copy of the Pathology Report of the biopsy
-Insurance Information - A photocopy of the front and back of the patient's insurance card
-Patient Demographics - A copy of your intake form is helpful
-Digital Photo - Optional, but very helpful if the patient cannot travel for pre-op consultation, or the original lesion is small enough that it may be hard to find




Please feel free to call at any time to discuss your patient's case with Dr. O'Quinn or Courtney Aldridge, PA-C.

*Referral Request Form download here:

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