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Why is a consultation necessary?

We care about you and genuinely want you to have the

very best outcome from your skin cancer treatment. 

Prior to the day of surgery, it is helpful for us to examine

you and determine a treatment plan that is right for you

considering your diagnosis, location of cancer, and your

other health issues and medications. Although most

patients with skin cancer will benefit from Mohs surgery,

we may decide to treat some skin cancers with simple

surgical excision, or another treatment altogether.


Also, the consultation gives you a chance to get to know us and have all of your questions answered so that you know what to expect prior to the procedure.  We understand that people are busy, but we can give the highest level of cancer care if we can evaluate you and can plan your treatment beforehand.  Please take a little time to give us what we need to best serve you.

What happens during the consultation?


If we have everything we need, our consultations can be brief.  Dr. O’Quinn and his physician assistant will meet with you to review your pathology report and discuss your diagnosis.  Your medical history will be reviewed with you as well.  Also, the biopsy site will be examined and digital photographs will be taken of the area.  The recommended procedure and reconstructive options will be discussed.  If we foresee referral to a plastic or oculoplastic surgeon after the Mohs procedure, we can make these arrangements and pre-operative testing as necessary.

What do I bring to the consultation?

At the time of consultation, we need the following things:

(1)  Pathology Report of your recent skin biopsy  - This is absolutely necessary!

(2) A digital photograph of your site would be extremely helpful

(3)  Medical History - You can fill this out in our reception area or beforehand by downloading it here.

(4)  List of Medications 

(5)  Insurance Card

(6)  Referral from your primary care physician if your insurance requires this.

*New patient paperwork - You can fill this out in our reception area or beforehand by downloading it here.

What if I cannot come to a consultation because I live very far away?

Due to the geography of Texas, we understand that many of our patients travel very long distances for treatment.  We routinely see patients from South Padre Island in the south to Mason in the north and from Del Rio in the west to Shiner to the east!  If travel is difficult we can work with you to get your information and minimize your traveling to see us to the day of surgery.  If you could take a digital photograph of your site and email it to us that would be extremely helpful.

Mohs surgery exam room.
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